This family has multiple origins – China, Switzerland, France, Monravia, Germany. This rich heritage is a fantastic case study of emigration to the USA.

Justine’s side

Further enriching this is Justine’s line which includes England, Scotland and Norway. Those families are dealt with elsewhere but here are two useful links.

Justine’s 2nd ggmother was Emlie Antonia Atlantica Amundsen, so named because she was born in the mid-Atlantic in 1873. Apparently the captain of the ship was universally disliked by the passengers while the first mate was liked – and received a silver teapot from the passengers at voyage end!

The Howding sailing from Christiana.

She married Eugene Frederick McSherry (1868-1955).

Dy Family

The History of the Dy family is somewhat truncated as no records are available about Ernesto Yu Dy as he left China during the tempestuous times of the Revolution and made his way through the Phillipines to the USA. For this reason the second button dealing with his mother is the better to view.

In the USA a good part of the family settled in Dubina, Texas. The following link in informative: /

  • Charles Cernoch & Emilie Krecmer - great granduncle and aunt